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Craniosacral Therapy

Greenville, South Carolina


What is it?

  • Often referred to as the "missing link" for people's recovery and wellness.

  • Method that utilizes a gentle, non-invasive touch to detect and release abnormal tensions in the body. This is done by a gentle touch that guide the body to release strains that tighten and distort the the whole body. The goal is to help the body and the nervous system communicate better together.

  • "Strains" can include tensions in the nervous, meningeal, muscular, connective tissue, fascial, cardiovascular, lymph, and organ systems. So much more than just muscles or fascia!


Why use light touch?

  • It sounds weird to use light touch- but not so weird bio-mechanically! Therapists can palpate and follow the body's restrictions much more than pushing through tissues. They are trained in very specific palpation skills to get information ("listen to" )the body and its restriction patterns.

  • Every layer in the body feels different (fascia vs. organ vs. muscle vs. bone vs. ligament, etc.), and need to have a touch that they can discern between the tissues and follow the restriction pattern-- as where the primary "spot" is may be different from where the patient feels discomfort.

  • Goal is to engage tissues and help them release, not push through them. 

How we do it

  • The "blended" part of our work is due to therapists at Unwinding Therapies combine various modalities when the body needs it: visceral manipulation, brain work, lymph work, neuromeningeal manipulation, somato-emotional release,  fascial work, from a light-handed, specific approach (CST).

  • We are constantly taking new courses to advance our skills facilitate your body as optimally as possible. 

  • Especially for babies, we will recommend specific, developmental, active movement to integrate the changes at home. The tissues will frequently free up movement, and now the brain and body get to make a link- so we will show you how to practice it, and further release tissues.


What We Offer


  • We work as a team with other providers in the community as best we can.

  • We have various treatment sessions available: 1:1 sessions (any age), co-treats (2 therapists present in the session), mom + baby sessions (2 therapists present), and consults (a second therapist present for part of the session).

  • Co-treats and consults help patients progress exponentially, and sometimes multiples hands help gather the body's tensions together faster, and therefore change happens faster for the patient. 

  • For infants, education on developmental activities and exercises to progress through lactation, tummy time, developmental milestones, sensory processing, and more. 

Our Community Opens
Their Hearts  

"To say that my first session was amazing is an understatement. As a pediatric dentist, I work with babies and children that I recommend CST for and today was my turn to be in the chair. Mariah’s care and true attachment to her profession was exemplified in every part of her care for me as her patient. She is like the “craniosacral-whisperer.” She knew my toughest points and coached me through every single aspect that truly made me more in-tune with my body and how it can be healed in a better way through craniosacral therapy. I never knew you could “feel” so much of the things that are constantly working in your body until today!! There are no words to explain how amazing my upper body feels just after my first session. Like WHOAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye-bye shoulder pain, arm pain!! If you have never tried this before, look no more. THANKS FOR A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!"

"Mine/my son's experience during birth was a very traumatic one resulting in him being vacuumed out and unbeknownst to me he carried tension from that. He also had cheek/lip/tongue tie revisions done so with all that being said, we were referred to Mariah to help him out. He has had a few sessions with her already and there's been tremendous progress. My poor baby was so tight feeling when we started and now he can move so much more freely all thanks to this!"

"I had just come off of a section hike on the Appalachian Trail that I had to cut short due to the worst knee pain I’ve ever experienced. Mariah performed craniosacral therapy on my knee, and I went from having intense pain with every step to MINIMAL pain with movement within 15 minutes. My mind was absolutely blown!! I would HIGHLY recommend Mariah to anyone and everyone. She is very professional, and she made me a believer in craniosacral therapy."

"Mariah is amazing! She truly takes the time to get to the root of the problem and help bring relief. I carry a lot of stress and tension in my shoulders and neck, which often leads to headaches. This helped bring relief in one session. Can’t recommend this enough!"

Learn, Visit & Contact 

Location:  25 Woods Lake Rd, Suite 812
                              Greenville, SC 29607

Home visits available

To schedule, call or text: 864-475-7978

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