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Grow in a supported and individualized way. 

We grow faster when we are mentored! As a mentor, Mariah also continues to be mentored. The learning never stops! You may leave a class and want to practice skills, get more specific with your palpation to see faster results, understand organs, fascia, emotional releases, how the body responds, etc.. You may want to continue doing that with an experienced mentor, want to exponentially grow your skills set, and/or have someone to troubleshoot a patient with.   Mentoring can happen on a variety of subjects- Craniosacral Therapy,  Fascial Unwinding, Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTS),  Visceral Manipulation, pediatrics, pregnancy, birthing, emotional releases, collaboration with other professionals, business support, a combination of all of it, etc. This is open to all professionals of any level and background of CST, CFT, Visceral, etc. 

Discovery Call

           - Where do I start? How do I integrate CST into my practice? How do I run a CST practice? How do I integrate CST in the community? How to I collaborate with other professionals? 

Get resources, questions answered, and an individualized call.


- 30 minutes
- $30
- Benefits OT’s, PT’s, SLP’s, IBCLCs, LMTs, and Chiropractors most.

This is also an appropriate option when wanting a few mentoring questions answered virtually or over the phone. 


1 on 1 mentoring

           Individually designed mentoring at individualized frequency of meeting. For therapists of all levels. Designed to enhance your current skill level, and put information together that otherwise would not come in traditional classes. Can work together, or preferably on a “demo” client. Can also meet virtually if not local. 

-Minimum of 1 hour

- $95/ hour

- Open to working with 2 students at a time in the same session. Reach out for details for pricing and timing.


Observing Sessions

         Get firsthand experience in tagging along session with Mariah. Get questions answered in real time during the session. The focus is client centered. Mariah will be available for questions after the session as well. 


- Minimum 1 hour

- $40

Study Groups

Virtual or in person! This can be custom to the group of any size. Can include CST, Visceral Manipulation, and general practice.  This is the most affordable option, and until consistent groups get started, requires the participant to arrange the group locally. The bigger the size, the cheaper for the students!

- Minimum 1 hour

- Prices vary

Mentoring Options

Learn, Visit & Contact 

Monday-Friday:  25 Woods Lake Rd, Suite 812
                              Greenville, SC 29607

Home visits available

To schedule, call or text: 864-475-7978

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