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What to Expect

Comparing Adults and Pediatric sessions

Craniosacral Therapy is usually relaxing, despite the body working. You will remain clothed, we do ask that your pockets be emptied, shoes, belt, and glasses be removed.  Our workspace is typically a table or treatment mat, but if this causes discomfort, we can use pillows, or find a different position.  If during the session you feel the need to more, then we encourage that movement. 

The therapist usually starts at the feet, and then assesses the body at the legs, hips, chest, throat, head, and sacrum. From there, they will determine where to work- which can be anywhere on the body.

What will it feel like?

Each person's experience is unique, but there are some commonalities.  The touch is light, and many find it relaxing and settling. Some people feel every release, or aware of other parts of their body tingling, pulsing, softening, among others, while some won't feel a change until the next day or two. While on the table, many people find themselves in a not quite asleep or awake state. By the end of the session, many people feel relaxed, looser, a change (this can be in posture, breathing, discomfort, less anxious, etc.). 
During co-treaments (2 therapists present), some people report they feel more, and able to make progress faster.


Children are different!


We do not expect a child to lay on the table. Is it easier? Sure! Is it best for them? Not necessarily. We want a child to play, feel safe, and engaged. Babies will frequently be treated with them on the table, being held, or fed. Toddlers and young children will frequently play on the floor or standing while receiving CST. Sometimes they can tolerate working the whole time, and sometimes breaks are needed. It depends on the child. The older the child is, the more likely they are happy to lay on the table and play with some toys, listen to books, talk, etc. 

Learn, Visit & Contact 

Monday-Friday:  25 Woods Lake Rd, Suite 812
                              Greenville, SC 29607

Home visits available

To schedule, call or text: 864-475-7978

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